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Selfish jeans

Yesterday I bought my first pair of jeans for over $100.  This goes against much of what I believe in.  Or much of what I say I believe in.  There is this line in an essay by David Rakoff (very

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Sometimes the internet is used for good

People can be so amazing and interesting.  Here’s one of them.  I don’t know him but I love this project called Unphotographable. A few hundred words are worth a picture.

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So little time

Ack!  This blogging thing is harder than I thought.  One day it’s Monday and then. . .it’s Monday again and all you’ve done in between is hang out with old friends, host a BBQ, attend a book group to discuss

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Yes we can

Just back from a cuckoo’s nest east coast vacation with Pete’s family in Delaware.  All screened porches and walks into town for ice cream.  The beach, fresh corn, a million little cousins screaming and playing and fighting and eating sand.

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The Lazy Woman’s DIY

One of the hazards of my job is the intense house envy that can develop from day after day of looking at beautiful houses with gorgeously landscaped yards.  Since doing anything major like adding on, or redoing the kitchen is

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Sonoma County Fair

I went to the Sonoma Co. Fair every summer as a kid.  Cotton candy.  Horse races.  Rides on the Zipper to Van Halen. Free scoops of Clover vanilla ice cream if you were willing to wait in line for it.

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