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What do Mark Fiore and Feist have in common?

Just a quickie ’cause I am tired as all get out today. Damn kids.  I got to use my best announcer voice for Mark Fiore’s most recent political animation (don’t call it a cartoon).  It’s the one about the Big

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Mama gets a moment of peace

The moment has finally arrived.  The big twin payoff we’ve been waiting for. My kids now play together.  They’ve always played next to one another but now it’s like they are really little friends. This morning I heard them making

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I gotta get to the inauguration

I can’t let this kid down So there I sat on election night, eyes all brimming with joy, heart all aflutter with yes-we-can optimism, guts all knotted with regret.  I wanted to be in Grant Park in Chicago, crying and

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A roundup of cool links to design stuff and ideas and people in the blogosphere

A few things I think you should know about: This woman beat me out of a job at Cafe Mom. Yes, I was going to take this blogging thing to the big time.  I tracked her down and found her all

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Our family supports your family–Down with Prop. 8

Maggie & The Mister stand up for what’s right Me: Guess what guys?  We’re going to a protest this morning. Oliver: There will be lots of toys there! Me: Um, no.  But there will be lots of people and music

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Encaustic painting, Doris Day and Carmel-by-the-Sea

Doris Day owns my hotel.  I’m in  Carmel-by-the-Sea, a town so Thomas Kincaid-esque, it make me feel as if I might come-face-to-face with Bilbo Baggins all snug in his Christmas elf suit.  Everything is so dimiutive and quaint and incredibly

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Dream Analysis

Last night Oliver woke up yelling his head off at about 1:30.  I stumbled down the stairs to his room, sending Woody skittering across the floor with those terribly noisy claws of his.  What I found was a mostly-still-asleep two-year-old

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Obama makes me feel like being a good person

Today I visited my friend Rachel and her tiny new baby, Hazel.  And of course we talked about breast feeding and sleep deprivation and the horror that is using a breast pump.  But we also talked about our dear Prez

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Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God. This is better. Much better. Here is the text of my 65-year-old father’s message to me tonight.  He’s in Vermont, three hours ahead: “Hi Sam. It’s your dad. It’s whatever time.

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A decade of love. Oh, and go VOTE!

Smart dogs vote for Obama I have never done anything for ten years.  I’ve never lived in any one house that long, or had a job that long, or been at a school that long, or worked on a project

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