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Sometimes Beyonce is better than Motherhood, but maybe a Backyard Shed would change all that

Well, I’m glad that’s over.  Nothing left but the endless presents with no place to go, the extra five pounds, and the trails of glitter left by Maggie’s fabulous new shoes. Christmas, for me, was sort of a drag.  Too

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Happy Everything & A Gratitude List (if you can stand it)

May the season be filled with love, a few happy surprises, and at least one GIANT hot fudge sundae Five things I’m grateful for right now, in no particular order: 1. My job.  It’s good work.  It’s 3 days a

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Kids Don’t Really Like Santa, They Just Like his Loot

My kids will not sit on Santa’s lap.  They love to talk a big game about everything they want to say to him, but the minute we come near him, they clam up, hide their faces, and start whimpering. But

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Sometimes Being a Mom Doesn’t Look so Hot or Alone at the California Academy of Sciences with Two Toddlers

 I guess there are some moms who somehow manage to be well-coiffed and kind and calm all the time.  You see them occasionally chatting up their toddlers, their lips glistening with perfectly applied gloss, their shiny, freshly washed locks pulled

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The Dark Night and the Awful Secret

I am dead tired.  Like fall-asleep-and-get-in-a-car-crash tired.  The culprit is insomnia.  The other night I was up for three hours with the darkest, most awful thoughts about my children getting hurt. The problem is our upcoming (well, not for a

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Morning sky over the Sunset

This is the view from my roof in the morning A thing I like I am a big fan of the radio show This American Life, and doing a story for them is one of my go-to fantasies.  My dear friends

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Santa’s real identity

This is last Christmas MY DAD:What do you call grandma? (his very ex-wife) OLIVER & MAGGIE:  Old grandma! ME: But what’s grandma’s real name? OLIVER & MAGGIE: Caroline! MY DAD: And what’s my name? MAGGIE: Cowboy! OLIVER: Santa! Note: It’s

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What did happen in 2008

Oh, and I painted! Well, I’ve been thinking about this all day, about what I would write and what I might list as the positive events or accomplishments of my own personal 2008.  And let me tell you, this will

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What didn’t happen in 2008

The end of the year is coming and so my mind turns to lists and accomplishments and—alas, it is hard being me—failures.   Ten things that didn’t happen this year: 1. My anthology proposal failed to “inspire the proper enthusiasm”

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I’m thinking of becoming a stage mother

Music EducationThe twins had never seen a piano before we got to grandma’s, which I realize is sort of sad (although they have seen giant calypso bands on flatbeds and plenty of hippie drumming circles in Golden Gate Park, so

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