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25 things about my daughter

This “25 things about me” thing has been going around on Facebook and I’ve been tagged a couple of times.  I’m tempted to do it but, I don’t know, blogging seems self-indulgent enough.  I mean, how interested can people possibly

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An experiment in single parenting. It’s not pretty.

I totally know how he feels The Mister is out of town.  He’s in Utah on non-Mormon related business.  Books and stuff.  This means that I am alone with the twins for five days.  I won’t lie.  It’s been hard.

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Buy Nothing January, an update

A cascade of crap I do not own I’m almost through the first month of my three buy-nothing months and I’ve gotta say, I’m sort of loving it. Austerity is so contrary to my personality.  Self-denial makes me angry nearly

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Just a little more about Yelapa, Mexico

I was a fourth grade pie lady Exactly a year ago I published a story in Sunset about Yelapa, the Mexican village where I went to fourth grade and which I have visited nearly every year for 30 years. In

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Obama’s inauguration in Mexico, lovely Mexico

Here’s an image:  We are sitting in plastic chairs, huddled around a TV inside a cinder block house/restaurant at the edge of the jungle. Roosters interrupt us in their boorish and macho way.  It’s hot.  The door to the bathroom

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We’re here.  So far, so good.  Activities to date include: -Happy hour margaritas down at the beach. -Swimming in the pool. -Much quesadilla eating. -The kids trying to figure out the concept of Mexico.  Is that store Mexico?  Is that

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Kids, surfing and why eco-paint is so great

True and real conversation overheard in front of the surf shop by my house: GUY WITH SURFBOARD BALANCED ON HIS HEAD “Dude, the thing about kids it they totally cut into your surfing, big time.” GUY IN SURF HOODIE: “Dude.”

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How to win a fight with a toddler, I wish I knew

Picture if you will:  ME: yelling and finger wagging, my face in its meanest mommy grimace. “Do NOT kick me!” MAGGIE: laughing and kicking and refusing to put on her pants, “Mommy, you’re fighting with me, ha ha ha.” ME:

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This is the most recent letter from my friend h., who lives in another country and has been quite sad and lonely lately.  She just—like a month ago—fell in love and the crazy, unabashed joy in this letter makes me smile

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Disneyland sounds pretty good right about now, or How motherhood has turned me into a total wimp

This is a picture of the place that I’m so scared of It’s 5:31 am.  I’ve been up since about 3:40, when Oliver woke me by falling out of the new big kid bed and clunking his noggin on the

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