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Kitchen chairs makeover (or another reason I’m not getting much writing done)

Remember that date I had with the Mister?  And the trip to the upholstery warehouse?  Well, I’m ready to debut the new dining room chairs we found on the street, and which were 100% inspired by these beauties I saw

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Anatomy of a good day

Today’s a good day so I thought I’d maybe spend a little time boasting.  It’s not often I’m feeling so Julie Andrews about things.  Soon it will be all whining and complaining again. So enjoy.I don’t mean to rub it

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What would Michelle do?

Here is something strange that’s happened to me since the election of Obama: Every time I find myself doing some odious task (wiping out the toddler potty, running to the grocery store with two kids because we have nothing to

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Matt the Electrician and my musical life

During the summer of 1981, I was at Buddhist camp in Vermont and I made the mistake of telling one of the cute brothers from Canada that I liked The Who.  He had asked me about my  favorite bands and since

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Dating 3.0

The Mister and I had a date day yesterday, a thing we try to do once a month.  We look forward to it the way kids look forward to Christmas and birthday parties and turning 10. A whole kid-free day

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What can you accomplish in three years?

  Check out what Maggie has done in the last 35 months. She’s gone from this (standing on my hand at 2 days old) To this (rocking out to Tom Freund while chewing her first piece of gum) Impressive, huh? How

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Can we just talk about colds for a second?  I don’t mean to whine but I have been sick, more or less, since November.  It’s now mid-March.  That’s, let’s see, 4 months.  Four months of hacking and sneezing and snuffling

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Charlotte’s Web is a horror movie

The Mister is away again (don’t worry, I’ll get mine sometime soon) and this evening after bath I decided to let Magnolia and Oliver watch a little Charlotte’s Web while I cleaned up the Great Spaghetti Catastrophe of 2009.  I

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Jury duty as vacation

What does it say about your life when you are sort of happy to realize that you have jury duty?  That you consider those eight quiet hours in that big, stuffy room full of impatient strangers and badly stocked vending

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New tricks

Maggie in a bucket on the first sunny day in weeks Remember number 3?  This little jobby: “learn to sew, even a little?”  Well, check.  I spent the first sunny Saturday in six weeks in a strange industrial building learning how

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