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A few parenting miscalculations

I settled any car seat rebellion by telling my kids that it’s the police, and not me, who insist on all the strapping in. It worked, but I fear I may have instilled in them an overblown sense of the

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Happy Birthday My Darlings

Dear Magnolia & Oliver, Today you are three. No longer babies but real, honest-to-God kids. I remember so clearly gazing at your amazing faces when you were these tiny, larval newborns and saying “You’re so wonderful.  You’re so wonderful.”  And

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The best chicken names ever

Ginger Rogers would be so proud And here they are, my little brood, who, incidentally, are going through an awkward adolescent phase.  Note the tiny beginnings of combs above their beaks and the little whisker-like tail feathers coming in.  It’s

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Mommy fantasies

This is how I might look if I managed to get my kids back in (only not so hot) I am not one for gushing. In fact, I often prefer complaining, but this morning I had just stumbled out of

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Cluck cluck here—a chick video

They are growing.  I swear.  We’ve had our chicks for five days and they are BIGGER.  They still poop in their own food and fall asleep like they’ve been cold-cocked, but they are starting to seem distinctly chicken-like.  There’s a

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A leash just seems cruel

Oh sure, she looks all innocent here When Magnolia was one day old and weighed less than five-and-a-half pounds, one of the NICU nurses handed her to me and said, “This one is ferocious.”  At the time I loved the

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Help us name our chickens and win a prize

Oh yes we did.  Four little five-day-old black fuzzballs. And now our whole household is just plum chicken crazy.  As you can see, we’re having a little trouble naming them (I feel that the Mister, smart as he is, is

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Leonard Cohen would never Twitter

I have told my writing students many times that beginning a piece of writing with the words, “I don’t know what to say,” is, to say the least, lame and lazy.  But, um, I don’t know what to say about

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The pull of the open road

Yesterday I’m cruising along Sunset Blvd. (the cold one in San Francisco, not the hot one in LA) in the minivan, blasting some Matt-the-Electrician when I have the most visceral and magnetic road trip urge.  I actually hallucinate the wind

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My 3’x5′ bed of smugness

Become a totally groovy, self-sufficient person of substance and good values?  Check. Once I get a bee in my bonnet (thanks, Novella Carpenter), I get things done.  Plus, I made a list I have to keep up with (number 30,

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