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Miracle Diet

We’ve gotten a little lax lately. Here’s what my kids have eaten thus far on vacation: Thursday  Lunch Oliver: Buttered spaghetti with cheese, milk, white chocolate bread pudding with caramel sauce vanilla ice cream and a maraschino cherry. Maggie: Milk,

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Road Trip!

We’ve been talking up our family road trip to Avila Beach to the kids for a while.  Today, after about 4 hours on Hwy. 101 Oliver asked, “does road tip mean I have to sit in my car seat all

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I’m in a fog

My street on a typical summer day In my defense, it was 50 DEGREES in San Francisco this past weekend, with the gray sky lurking overhead like a bad conscious. No wonder I was so crabby. Much better now, thank

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Mommy Mojo

Back in the halcyon days of sleeplessness and fretting about milk production Last night I was supposed to go to the movies but I got too lazy. Plus, there’s nothing good playing. So instead I just hid in the office

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I don’t mean to whine, but IKEA only serves Pepsi

I’ve been kind of down in the dumps lately (I know, just what people want to read about after a long day in the trenches, but bear with me).  It’s hard to explain why, but it has to do with

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Chard-from dirt to table

I am not really into food writing. I like MFK Fisher and all, but really, I’d almost always rather be eating than reading about eating. I feel the same way about reading about music (Nick Hornby is the exception here–this,

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Good Fences Aren’t Helping

Photo from here. Because I am crazy and suffer from bouts of civic mindedness and extreme optimism (tempered, thank god, by bouts of dark realism), I decided recently to start a neighborhood collective. I was inspired by a story I

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Maybe breakups aren’t so bad after all

I know, it’s hard to feel too sorry for her Remember this?  Well, it seems to have all come toppling down quite suddenly and with very little forewarning.  For those of you who are thinking “I knew it” I say,

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A chicken coop to call our own

Last Saturday we (well, the Mister and our friend Mark) had themselves a good old fashioned barn raising. By which I mean they drank beer and almost finished a sweet little 3’x4′ chicken coop.   Here’s the thing: despite what

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My big fat demotion

This place is like the Spelling mansion compared to my new cube Ok, I know it’s completely unsmart and impolitic to complain about work on a blog. I should take a cue from Dooce and just shut the hell up

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