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Quesadillas, the Solar System, and Michael Jackson

My dad and brother are in town and we are out in West Marin living the good life (there are oysters and wine and Cowgirl Creamery cheeses in our future so I am happy). Whenever my dad is out, he

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A lid for every pot

Just when I am feeling burnt out at work and wondering if magazine work is the life for me, I get a press release like this and my day just shines right up. There are options, people. You can become

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Portraits of Venice

A few of my Venetian friends. They look a little stiff, but they’re great once you get to know them.

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FAQs about Venice

FAQs about my trip to Venice. Q. Did you row an outrigger canoe in the Adriatic with a bunch of Italian jocks after a two-hour lunch of prosecco and fried fish? A. Yes. Q. Did you and H. hold hands

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Venice Vacation

Ok then, I’m outta here, peeps. And I can’t say I’m not looking forward to my little Venetian holiday. I’ll be next door to this place (It’s a palace, which is, you know, how I roll): Have a great week

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Potty Mouth

My kids are deep into the potty talk stage and although I’ve been assured that this is a completely normal part of being three, I grow weary. There is entirely too much poop in my life without having to listen

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The cost of backyard chickens

Behold!  Our chickens live outside.  The coop and run are complete.  The poop and feathers have been vacuumed from the garage.  The dryer has been scraped and cleaned of hardened flecks of chicken shit.  This is the moment I’ve been

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Thing I learned in Santa Barbara

I had to fly down to Santa Barbara and back again today for work.  I was checking out the amazing Dr. Seuss-meets-Gaudi work of architect Jeff Shelton for an upcoming story.  If you don’t believe good design makes people happy,

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All 86,400 seconds in the day

Image available here. I realized yesterday morning, as I was microwaving my oatmeal, that every second of my day is accounted for.  Ninety seconds before the oatmeal dings?  Time enough to wipe down lunch boxes, pack two yogurts, and put

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Chicken Update

We now have four big old chickens on top of our dryer. What were once adorable little balls of fuzz are now scowling fowl with scaly legs who poop actual turds that stink. It’s like having teenagers. Cleaning the cage

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