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I want another wedding

Ok, I know I’m probably super slow on the uptake here considering 12 million people have already watched this on You Tube, and my mom sent it to me, and my 60-year-old Unitarian Universalist lesbian cousin sent it to my

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Whatcha gonna do with all that junk?

Me, at 16, with Mark Darling and my smoking bod So, I’ve gotten fat. Fat for me. I have cellulite on my upper arms and my gut is looking a little fanny-packish. It’s not the first time. It won’t be

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Our Lady of Dora the Explorer

This morning Maggie got dressed all by herself, the whole shebang, even the socks and shoes.  Oliver ran into the bathroom where I was getting out of the shower to tell me about it. “Maggie got dressed all by herself,”

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Why it’s fun to be a twin

Built-in bathtub toys…

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Why it’s fun to be a twin

Built-in bathtub toys… May your weekend be this much fun. See you Monday, all squeaky clean. xoxo Samantha P.S. have you seen this yet? The Mister does a mean Khrushchev. That’s him, banging his shoe. Weird family, I know. But

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Multi-tasking self-starter seeks sugar daddy

It’s official. I’m losing my job. I sort of can’t believe it took this long, frankly. I signed up for a five-month gig nearly three years ago and well, I’m still here, putting together stories on lawn alternatives and editing

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Manish chickens and our own fertilizer factory

A few eggs is all I ask You know how we thought Tilly might be a rooster? Well, she’s not. She’s just large and manly and no-nonsense, in the tradition of Julia Child and Sally Ride. But, rest assured, she

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I wish I were more like Sarah Connor

It’s a good thing he likes firefighters I was what could accurately be described as an accident prone kid. I broke my arm not once, but twice in second grade (effing Steal the Bacon). I required stitches in my chin

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Vermont is my primary excuse

The view from my dad’s deck  My goodness!  It’s been an age, hasn’t it?  Way out here in the Northeast Kingdom (or, as my father calls it, Vermont’s Appalachia) where there is no wifi and the days slip by in

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Fun for the whole family!

Bethany Beach, Delaware might just be paradise on Earth for three-years olds. There are the aforementioned parades… …fireworks and sparklers There’s picking blueberries with grandma and then eating so many your poop turns violet. There’s Fun Land and with your

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