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In my next life I will be a music teacher

Again, I’m late to the party here (8 million You Tube view, Tori Amos), but I just can’t resist these kids. First, they are totally singing music of my generation, secondly they are just so unbelievably awesome (check out those

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Read Olive Kitteridge, please

Looking for a book to read this weekend? May I suggest Olive Kitteridge, the novel in stories that won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for fiction? I just finished it an hour ago and it is the most deeply human, empathetic,

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May you stick all your landings this weekend! xoxo Samantha

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What I learned in school today

This is what I learned at my kids’ first day of nursery school today: 1.) I have a distinct tendency towards nervousness. Okay, to be fair, I totally knew this. But this experience really sealed it. It was crazy. Butterflies

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Unemployment: A Love Poem

How was my writing week, you ask? Well, in a word, it was fan-freaking-tastic. A partial list of what I got done in my five free days: – I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and finally threw away those humiliating

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The worry divide

I am not an overprotective parent. I believe in dirt and scrapes and bruises. I don’t carry that antibacterial gel with me. I don’t even carry Band-Aids. I let my kids climb alarmingly high at the playground. I let them

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The Creative Habit

I look exactly like Anne Sexton only not so leggy and without the cigarette. This is my “week to write,” meaning the kids are in daycare full time and I can leave scabby breakfast dishes on the table all day

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To the next 41

Nine years ago, at about this time, I was sending my bridesmaids out into the garden to pick little white flowers that I had decided at the last minute I HAD to have in my hair before I walked down

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How not to organize your time

Today is my second day of true unemployment and already I can tell I’m falling into that weird timeless time where my to-do list gets longer and the days gets shorter and I keep eating weird things out of the

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty

I got carded at Trader Joe’s today. That’s what you get for a how-bad-can-it-be purchase of $3.99 Savingnon Blanc. The checker made a point of saying,”It’s not that I think you’re under 21, it’s that I don’t think you’re over

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