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Why hand washing is important

Here’s a conversation I just had with Maggie: Maggie sniffing her hand and wrinkling her nose Smell my hand Me P.U. Stinky. What is that? Maggie Shrugs Me Well, let’s go wash your hands. Maggie No, that’s okay. It’s just

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Random Observations on DC

I promised a little more about DC, so here it goes, random observations. 1. The Newseum makes most other museums feel pretty Podunk. It’s pretty much six floors of awesomeness, especially if you are sort of a First Amendment junkie,

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I go where Obama goes: a weekend away

If you’ve missed me, I’m sorry. We went to DC. Washington DC. Cross number 31 off this list. and let me just say, this is one great city. I sort of expected a lot of suited up blowhards, but it

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The weird thing is, other people think our kids are nice

Sometimes motherhood feels exactly like being the live-in maid to a schizophrenic narcissist with a Napoleon complex. Except that you don’t get paid so you’re more slave than servant. One minute your masters are cooing about how much they love

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It’s not mom jeans but it’s not good either

photo from here The worst thing about not working? My outfits, hands down. Now that I’m an urban farming co-op mom who doesn’t work outside the home, things have really taken a nose dive in the fashion department. It’s a

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Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Mm mm mm It worked. Nature, I mean. On September 8 we finally got not one, but two little brown beauties from our chickens. The whole family went a little nutso with excitement. We even attracted the neighbor girl with

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Shook me all night long

Most nights these days my kids invent a hundred different ways to stall before bed. “I’m hungry.” “I have to go to the bathroom.” “I want the light on a little more.” “I need to ask you a question.” Etc,

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Come on, eggs!

Ahem, it’s September 6th and our chickens are still no-good lay abouts intent on eating our table scraps and giving us nothing in return. They’re like your belching brother-in-law who drinks all your beer and leaves a funny smell on

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Camp at your own risk

When the kids were not quite one-and-a-half we went on a family camping trip to Mt. Lassen with my dad and brother. I also happened to be writing about it for Sunset. The trip was an unmitigated disaster from the

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I think I may even prefer the “C Word”

I should have written today but I am too upset. I just learned that some parents call their daughter’s vaginas “front butts.” Is that not the grossest, prissiest, weirdest, yuckiest, most unappealing thing you’ve ever heard? I know, me too.

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