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The Eighth Habit

It’s sort of amazing how capable the Mister is considering he keeps all his to do lists on little scraps of paper—the torn edge of a newspaper will do—that he tucks into various pockets. At any given time there are

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Feel the burn

For much of my life I poo-pooed exercise. My single foray into team sports was in 8th grade when I played basketball for half a season, traveling around rural Vermont in the freezing school bus so that I could sit

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Me + the Taliban = one degree of separation

David Rohdes, the New York Times journalist kidnapped by the Taliban and held for more than nine months, is married to the Mister’s cousin, Kristen. They had been married two months when he was captured. Oof! We have never met

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I feel really lucky that I live in a place where I don’t get a lot of disapproving comments about my parenting. I’m sure if I were to bring KFC to school, or give one of my kids a whack,

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Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

from HERE First, let me just remind you of how much I love comments. Comments are better than brownies or endless fields of mustard in bloom. Better than airshows. Better than shoes you buy at Nordstrom Rack because they are

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Good people doing good things

If I looked better in a feed cap and boots I’d be a farmer. In the meantime, I’m content to track chicken shit into the aerobics studio at my gym on the soles of my shoes and leave the hard

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What a difference a year makes

I am constantly amazed at Maggie’s and Ollie’s pace of growth. If I could learn and develop at even half their rate I’d have won a Nobel Prize by now, in multiple categories. I’d also be, like, a thousand feet

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Read this

Read THIS if you are struggling as a parent, or if you are having a hard day, or if you are in any way a human being. It’s beautiful. Thanks, Laura.

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On the dole

I have a very fuzzy memory of standing in line at the Welfare office with my mother as a young child. I remember playing with those movie-theater ropes that swung like hammocks as we slowly made our way toward the

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Why I don’t wear thongs

One time, back in those halcyon days of flying alone on planes, I was seated in a middle seat next to a woman with a screaming baby. She was alone, sitting in the aisle seat and struggling to calm her

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