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Smashing things is anger management too

He will crush you I just took an online parenting survey to help out with some Harvard child development research and, man, some of those questions made me feel like a real weasel. “I have never felt like smashing something

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Bless this mess

Since I seem to like airing a certain amount of dirty laundry online, I thought I’d share with you what my house looks like after three days of single-parenting (the Mister is on a very bromantic hiking trip until 5PM

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Riddle Me This

Our preschool does not allow “superhero” play. You can be a superhero (capes, super powers, and jet packs are okey-dokey, but you can’t run around reenacting the last episode of Spiderman or shooting people). But that doesn’t keep my kids

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I am woman, hear me dither endlessly

I just had my 80-minute Healing Hiker’s massage (nyam, nyam) and although I do hate to leave my Four Seasons suite, I miss my family and am looking forward to a little three-year-old action. Plus, this desert air is murder

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I did this today

Be the only girl in the group who makes it to the top of the Praying Monk? Check. Happy weekend. May you summit a few things.

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Why you should always put on a little lipgloss before getting on a plane

This photo has nearly nothing to do with the post. I’m just fascinated by its origins. Who bought him that shirt? Creepy Uncle Orlan? There I was, minding my own business with the latest Us Weekly (Angelina is such a

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The Business of Being Born

My kids have already asked me what God is (not an easy question for a Jewish/Buddhist/Super-secular girl like me to answer), what it means when you die, and how babies get into their mommy’s tummies in the first place (well,

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“I have to think these things up, you know”

The kids and I spent the weekend with my mom, helping her do things like open jars and wash dishes because she had surgery on her thumb and her arm is wrapped up like a burrito, a giant, gauzy, arm-y

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Date night. And, he paid!

I think I’m going to blame my absence on the mountain of mini Snickers I’ve been buried under since Halloween. My goodness, but it’s easy to take candy from small children. You just put it on a high shelf and

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