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April is National Poetry Month, after all

This weekend we enjoyed some spontaneous, on-demand street poetry. No corrections. No revisions. First you pick out a scrap of paper. Then the poet asks who you are and what you like and gets tapping. It takes about two minutes

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Mark Fiore is more inspirational than Oprah

Did you hear about my friend Mark Fiore (he’s the one who got Dengue Fever at my birthday party)? He won the Pulitzer Prize last week. The Pulitzer Prize, people! That’s, like, the most colossal and public pat on the

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Why not just practice the rhythm method and see what happens?

from here A lot of my friends are currently trying to decide whether or not to have a second baby. Actually, they are writhing in a sort of tortured late ’30s angst trying to decide whether to have a second

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I sound AMAZING in my car

Last night I went to a rock and roll concert, stayed out too late, and witnessed my first doobie smoking in a long time. As souvenirs I have a fading “Over 21” stamp on my hand and an exhaustion headache

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