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How to Live an Amazing, Ordinary Life

I’m starting to feel like we’re in an abusive relationship. I draw you in, then I’m unresponsive and withholding. Finally, I return, begging forgiveness and you take me back (or, I hope you do).  It’s getting icky. So, let’s just

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It’s not mom jeans but it’s not good either

photo from here The worst thing about not working? My outfits, hands down. Now that I’m an urban farming co-op mom who doesn’t work outside the home, things have really taken a nose dive in the fashion department. It’s a

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Sometimes Beyonce is better than Motherhood, but maybe a Backyard Shed would change all that

Well, I’m glad that’s over.  Nothing left but the endless presents with no place to go, the extra five pounds, and the trails of glitter left by Maggie’s fabulous new shoes. Christmas, for me, was sort of a drag.  Too

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