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How to Live an Amazing, Ordinary Life

I’m starting to feel like we’re in an abusive relationship. I draw you in, then I’m unresponsive and withholding. Finally, I return, begging forgiveness and you take me back (or, I hope you do).  It’s getting icky. So, let’s just

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Shook me all night long

Most nights these days my kids invent a hundred different ways to stall before bed. “I’m hungry.” “I have to go to the bathroom.” “I want the light on a little more.” “I need to ask you a question.” Etc,

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Dream Analysis

Last night Oliver woke up yelling his head off at about 1:30.  I stumbled down the stairs to his room, sending Woody skittering across the floor with those terribly noisy claws of his.  What I found was a mostly-still-asleep two-year-old

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