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How to Lose Your Friends or Lena Dunham’s Email

I just subscribed to this thing Miranda July is doing where famous people from all walks of life (actors, authors, artists, people I’ve never heard of) forward you an email from their “sent” box. This week’s theme was “an email

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Mark Fiore is more inspirational than Oprah

Did you hear about my friend Mark Fiore (he’s the one who got Dengue Fever at my birthday party)? He won the Pulitzer Prize last week. The Pulitzer Prize, people! That’s, like, the most colossal and public pat on the

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Turning 40 in Yelapa. Ole!

Last time we met I was off to Mexico and promising in my haste to discuss a million important things (such as the success or failure of my spray-on tan) upon my return. Well, I’m returned. The larder has been

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This is the most recent letter from my friend h., who lives in another country and has been quite sad and lonely lately.  She just—like a month ago—fell in love and the crazy, unabashed joy in this letter makes me smile

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