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2 Laugh Out Loud Books (and 4 that will make you chuckle)

I love books and stories of all kinds (well, not so much experimental meta-fiction, but that’s my failing). But what I find absolutely delicious are books that make me laugh. Not books that make me chuckle or smile appreciatively, but

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How to Live an Amazing, Ordinary Life

I’m starting to feel like we’re in an abusive relationship. I draw you in, then I’m unresponsive and withholding. Finally, I return, begging forgiveness and you take me back (or, I hope you do).  It’s getting icky. So, let’s just

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Book reviews based on my terrible memory

I’ve missed writing about books. I’ve had a stellar summer and fall, reading-wise, and it’s reignited something in me. I’m always an avid reader (which is why I married a bookstore guy—he keeps me awash in my drug of choice),

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Martha Stewart is the devil on my shoulder

A few days ago, as I was artfully sticking my homemade “Please take me home” stickers on the gift bags I put together for my children’s fourth birthday party, I had a familiar feeling. I was sort of enjoying myself,

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Mark Fiore is more inspirational than Oprah

Did you hear about my friend Mark Fiore (he’s the one who got Dengue Fever at my birthday party)? He won the Pulitzer Prize last week. The Pulitzer Prize, people! That’s, like, the most colossal and public pat on the

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I am 48.7% successful

Way back when I was only 39, I made a list of things to do before I turned 40. Some of them were simple (eating hot dogs) and some of them were not so simple (writing a novel). Some of

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Literary Death Match Smackdown!

I could see that photographer shooting me from below and I knew it was a bad idea. Finally! The Literary Death Match (otherwise known as the best night of my recent life) recap. Listen to KFOG’s Peter Finch describe it

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What I needs is a secretary

I am not the only one parked at Ocean Beach, sitting in my car and watching the wild Pacific through the windshield. The old Chinese man in the car to my right is napping, mouth wide open. The suburban-looking man

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Playing Catch Up

As you may have noticed, I’m not exactly winning any Blogger of the Year awards for frequency lately. I apologize for my dereliction of duty. The good news is, my freelance life is booming. The bad news (for you, at

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Unemployment: A Love Poem

How was my writing week, you ask? Well, in a word, it was fan-freaking-tastic. A partial list of what I got done in my five free days: – I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and finally threw away those humiliating

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