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In Praise of Whole Wheat Bread Men

  The Mister is currently out to dinner with a former not-girlfriend-but-mutual-crush who has just published  her third novel to much acclaim. I am sitting on the couch blogging in my slippers and trying to recover from the gut-wrenching Chinese

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Date night. And, he paid!

I think I’m going to blame my absence on the mountain of mini Snickers I’ve been buried under since Halloween. My goodness, but it’s easy to take candy from small children. You just put it on a high shelf and

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To the next 41

Nine years ago, at about this time, I was sending my bridesmaids out into the garden to pick little white flowers that I had decided at the last minute I HAD to have in my hair before I walked down

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Our family supports your family–Down with Prop. 8

Maggie & The Mister stand up for what’s right Me: Guess what guys?  We’re going to a protest this morning. Oliver: There will be lots of toys there! Me: Um, no.  But there will be lots of people and music

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Something sweet in the world

Although she does not capitalize and this is one of the things that really bugs me about the internet, I still love Andrea at Hula Seventy.  She is so kind and humble and she has great taste. I think I

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