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If They Are the Devil’s Spawn, That Makes Me…

  They look like nice, normal kids. But don’t be fooled.  I’ve resisted writing much about my kidlets since I started this blog again. I sort of had my fill of the parenting navel gazing while I was at Baby

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How Not to Handle Rejection

It’s been a big week over here at the homestead. And by big, I mean painful and cringey and slightly embarrassing. But I am getting ahead of myself. You should know, first, that I have been looking for a j-o-b,

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That’s BAgina to you, buddy

Oliver has been really into taking photographs lately. Recently, while at Yosemite, the Mister and I asked him to take one of us with a view of the valley behind. He snapped this: Then looked at it and said, “I

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Where I answer nearly all your questions and survive house guests

A couple of things: I am not dead. I am blogging for Baby Center four times a week and getting ready to take a red-eye to the east coast for a little family vacation. And those two things, along with

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I am also, in my way, grateful for Joan Rivers

I, like Joan Rivers (have you seen the documentary? It’s surprisingly good), believe there is humor to be found in absolutely everything. Your husband committed suicide (as Joan’s did)? There’s a zinger in there somewhere. Lost your job? That one’s

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If mom folds five loads of laundry, goes grocery shopping, washes dishes, and bathes the children and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen?

Before we get started you should know that the Mister is out of town for a week and I am not at my best. This was my bedtime conversation with Oliver, who is very upset, missing his dad, and having

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12 good things that have happened in the last 17 days

photo from here 1. The birds found the bird feeder. Finally. 2. We took the kids to their first Giant’s game. 3. The Mister caught a foul ball. 4. I discovered (and devoured) Breaking Bad 5. I had this conversation

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Three things I know, like, almost for sure

This is how I know I’m raising city kids: The other day Oliver brought me the empty cardboard oatmeal box he’d filled with sand and dirt and called a “shaker,” and asked me to write “free” on the lid. He

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Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails (and princess shoes)

Last month, on the way to meet Santa, I decided that Maggie’s scuffed, red, hand-me-down, patent-leather shoes simply would not do. In a pre-Christmas fit of unchecked spending, I ducked into StrideRite to remedy this imbalance with a shiny new

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She can do it!

Maggie has been working on this for months, years really. And now she can cross the monkey bars all by herself, just like a real girl. Oh the years of competition and broken arms we have ahead of us. The

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