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How Not to Handle Rejection

It’s been a big week over here at the homestead. And by big, I mean painful and cringey and slightly embarrassing. But I am getting ahead of myself. You should know, first, that I have been looking for a j-o-b,

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Camp at your own risk

When the kids were not quite one-and-a-half we went on a family camping trip to Mt. Lassen with my dad and brother. I also happened to be writing about it for Sunset. The trip was an unmitigated disaster from the

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chicken pozole and huge egg giveaways

That’s a decoy egg so they know what they are supposed to do in that box This is the one year anniversary of this blog. My second entry, back when I was still a blogging newbie, was about the Sonoma

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Multi-tasking self-starter seeks sugar daddy

It’s official. I’m losing my job. I sort of can’t believe it took this long, frankly. I signed up for a five-month gig nearly three years ago and well, I’m still here, putting together stories on lawn alternatives and editing

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A lid for every pot

Just when I am feeling burnt out at work and wondering if magazine work is the life for me, I get a press release like this and my day just shines right up. There are options, people. You can become

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I don’t mean to whine, but IKEA only serves Pepsi

I’ve been kind of down in the dumps lately (I know, just what people want to read about after a long day in the trenches, but bear with me).  It’s hard to explain why, but it has to do with

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My big fat demotion

This place is like the Spelling mansion compared to my new cube Ok, I know it’s completely unsmart and impolitic to complain about work on a blog. I should take a cue from Dooce and just shut the hell up

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Naked Gardening, James Beard, and How to Make A Baby

via The Washingtonian First of all, a massive congratulations to my Sunset coworkers on their James Beard Award!  How cool is that?  They won in the food blogging category and if you haven’t already been following the one-block diet blog,

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Why your life is not like a magazine

I’m in the Phoenix airport right now, on my way back from a photo shoot in Tucson.  I like how that sort of makes me sound like a model.  Alas, we were shooting a house, not me in my awesome

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Kitchen chairs makeover (or another reason I’m not getting much writing done)

Remember that date I had with the Mister?  And the trip to the upholstery warehouse?  Well, I’m ready to debut the new dining room chairs we found on the street, and which were 100% inspired by these beauties I saw

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