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In Praise of Whole Wheat Bread Men

  The Mister is currently out to dinner with a former not-girlfriend-but-mutual-crush who has just published  her third novel to much acclaim. I am sitting on the couch blogging in my slippers and trying to recover from the gut-wrenching Chinese

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I sound AMAZING in my car

Last night I went to a rock and roll concert, stayed out too late, and witnessed my first doobie smoking in a long time. As souvenirs I have a fading “Over 21” stamp on my hand and an exhaustion headache

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Reader, I married him

I’ve had a couple requests for pictures of the Mister’s annual Christmas beard. So here you go, a pictorial history. You remember where we started. Well, we shaved. And shaved a little more. And in the end we decided to

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You too can kill a chicken

Right after we got our chickens the Mister met another San Francisco couple interested in raising poultry and invited them over to see our little operation. We later sold them all our chick equipment and lo and behold, they became

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Bless this mess

Since I seem to like airing a certain amount of dirty laundry online, I thought I’d share with you what my house looks like after three days of single-parenting (the Mister is on a very bromantic hiking trip until 5PM

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Date night. And, he paid!

I think I’m going to blame my absence on the mountain of mini Snickers I’ve been buried under since Halloween. My goodness, but it’s easy to take candy from small children. You just put it on a high shelf and

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The Eighth Habit

It’s sort of amazing how capable the Mister is considering he keeps all his to do lists on little scraps of paper—the torn edge of a newspaper will do—that he tucks into various pockets. At any given time there are

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Me + the Taliban = one degree of separation

David Rohdes, the New York Times journalist kidnapped by the Taliban and held for more than nine months, is married to the Mister’s cousin, Kristen. They had been married two months when he was captured. Oof! We have never met

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Random Observations on DC

I promised a little more about DC, so here it goes, random observations. 1. The Newseum makes most other museums feel pretty Podunk. It’s pretty much six floors of awesomeness, especially if you are sort of a First Amendment junkie,

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I go where Obama goes: a weekend away

If you’ve missed me, I’m sorry. We went to DC. Washington DC. Cross number 31 off this list. and let me just say, this is one great city. I sort of expected a lot of suited up blowhards, but it

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